QR-Total Hung WC

Sanitary Module

Code . 878153

- QR-Total is a sanitary module that adapts to many locations, designed for greater space saving in any bathroom. With reduced dimensions and incorporated high technology, the QR-Total sanitary module is the best option for a quick renovation of your bathroom or for a new sanitary installation. You don´t have to break the wall to achieve the concealed cistern look and when remodeling, you can use the existing inlet and outlet water connections.Designed for wall-hung toilets.


- The QR-TOTAL BUTTON comes with a stainless steel tilt selector button in a matt finish for activating the flush. The button’s rounded shape provides the QR-INOX BUTTON with nobility and distinctiveness.


- With the QR-Total NO TOUCH, there is no need to touch the module to activate the flush. The tempered glass is equipped with capacitive sensors and detects the approach of the human body at approximately 20 mm. You can choose between the half flush and the complete flush by simply approaching your hand to the corresponding light symbol. With the QR-Total NO TOUCH, hygiene and convenience are taken to a new level, by adopting a clean and sustainable technology

  • Dual flush Sanitary Module 6/3 litres;
  • Compatible with all wall-hung WC pans;
  • One piece brushed stainless steel lateral frame, black or white coated;
  • 6mm tempered glass front panel (split in two parts);
  • Delayed refilling - AZOR PLUS inlet valve;
  • Silent inlet valve;
  • Supplied with anti-condensation lining;
  • 4 external water entry positions and one back water entry position available;
  • 108mm thick;
  • QR-INOX Button - Pneumatic actuation;
  • QR-INOX No-touch – Capacitive sensor with Hydroboost or AC;
  • Equipped with OLI74 PLUS cistern;
  • EN 14055;
  • Global warranty of 10 years and 2 years on the electronic components.


  • WC pan fixing material;
  • Internal frame fixing material;
  • Inlet and outlet WC pan connection;
  • Outlet bend and Ø90/110 adaptor;
  • G ½’’ stop valve;
  • Flexible hose ½” / ⅜”, 250mm.
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