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On March 1st of 1954, OLI-Sistemas Sanitários, S.A. was founded in Aveiro as a small family business that along its path went through different areas of business. In the 1980s OLI set up its first cistern production unit. During the following ten years OLI grew exponentially, which led into the integration with the italian Silmar Group in 1993. The group has about 2,600 employees and is present in four sectors of activity (heating; aluminium fusion; galvanoplastic and thermoplastic products; water coveyance and discharge), and in 2015 had over 674 million Euros in sales.

OLI`s entire value chain is controlled from their facilities, that have an area of 82 000 square meters. Beginning with the conception of ideas to their industrialization and production, ending in their commercialization in more than 70 countries around the world. The growing interest in a contemporary design and in new technologies and materials, always with a focus on water efficiency and respect for the environment, has made OLI a world reference and a brand of excellence. With about 380 employees and 48,5 million Euros in sales in 2016, OLI currently has a daily production of approximately 7800 cisterns and  31 800 mechanisms. This makes OLI one of the major producers in Europe for mechanisms for the ceramic industry, as well as concealed and exposed cisterns. Currently, OLI is the only Portuguese company producing concealed cisterns. 



The fact that OLI is in more than 70 countries worldwide and with 80% of production directed towards the export market, is the perfect example of the global coverage the brand has achieved. Based on a well-structured research, development and innovation policy our products are recognized and certified by the highest world standards, which motivates us to continue to invest in a personalized differentiation strategy. Since each market is distinct, different OLI products may be available in different markets. Being able to adapt our wide range of products to the unique characteristics of each country is clearly a competitive advantage that distinguishes us from others.