OLIPure creates a fresh atmosphere

OLIPure creates a fresh atmosphere and provides an immediate feeling of comfort and cleanliness, without any effort.


OLIPure is a closed-storage system with a disinfectant that is placed inside the cistern and with each flush releases the disinfectant into the toilet. The disinfectant is always in a closed circuit and never comes in contact with the water in the cistern, unlike traditional cleaning tablets that come in contact with water. This reduces the risk of the disinfectant damaging components in the cistern.


It is compatible with existing WC liquid disinfectants on the market and has a storage capacity of 450ml.


OLIPure comes installed with versions of OLI74 Mechanic OLIPure, OLI120 Mechanic OLIPure and Expert Mechanic OLIPure. You can also add OLIPure to an existing OLI cistern with the OLIPUre kit. OLIPure is also available with Quazo OLIPure exposed cisterns and as a kit to add OLIPure to ceramic cisterns.

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