Environmental Management System


The preservation of the environment is for OLI one of the strategic pillars being transversal from conception and design to the end of life of products. OLI views sustainability and good ecological practices as a management strategy and encourages its employees to develop good ecological practices, promoting a commitment to a sustainable culture.

The certification of the company in accordance with ISO 14001 (Environmental Management) as well as ISO 45001 (Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems) is proof of that commitment.
A set of actions has been put into practice which contemplate the reduction of the consumption of natural resources.

OLI, aware of its social and environmental responsibilities, has created a Guide of Good Practices, a set of recommendations applied to our daily life, from simple water and energy saving measures to the conscious use of the available natural resources. Most of these measures are also beneficial for the budget of each employee and their families.

With this Guide OLI intended to promote a sense of responsibility, fostering behaviour and attitudes of environmental citizenship.

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