Control Plate

eLINE is a brushed stainless steel electronic flush plate (with dual flush system) of simple design , which is activated by an infrared sensor through the detection of the person in the bathroom.

Without ever having to touch the plate, the flush will be activated according to the distance and time of occlusion of the user in front of the flush plate.


ebook eLINE


Code . 880876

  • Brushed stainless steel material;
  • Dual flush (60s full flush);
  • Infrared sensor;
  • Compatible with ac in-wall cisterns;
  • Electric power connection (adapter 240V/7V not included);
  • Configurable hygienic discharge;
  • Configurable pre-discharge;
  • Infrared sensor with detection up to 900mm;
  • Bluetooth version allows a statistical record of discharges;
  • Radio version allows a remote actuation;
  • Vandal resistant;
  • 8mm thick
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Identifying Your In-wall Cistern Model and Manufacturing Date

  1. Remove flush plate;
  2. In the back wall of the cistern there is a sticker with the needed information:
    • MODEL: OLI74
    • MANUFACTURING DATE: 19/03/2010