OLI120 Plus

In-Wall Installation Systems

- OLI120 Plus Direct is ideal for floor-standing toilets and is suitable for all applications (drywall, light-walls, masonry and solid-walls that are brick lined).
As part of our “Plus” range that can help you save up to 9L of water per day.

- OLI120 Plus comes prepared for shower toilet connection, and is available with OLIpure, a closed storage system that disinfects your toilet with every flush. In addition, OLI 120 Plus has quick and intuitive installation and maintenance.

Code . 099941

  • Dual flush 6/3 litre in-wall cistern (adjustable to 4/2 or 7/3 litres);
  • Polypropylene (PP) cistern highly resistant and inalterable to thermal stress;
  • Delayed refilling - Azor plus inlet valve;
  • Silent valve class 1 NF certified;
  • Pneumatic, electronic, Hydroboost and AC kits available;
  • 126mm thick;
  • Supplied with anti-condensation lining;
  • Other versions compliant with: WRAS/NF/KIWA/BELGAQUA standards;
  • EN 14055 CL1;
  • 10 year warranty;
  • Compatible with all floor mounted WC pans.


  • 360mm flush pipe included;
  • Wall fixing kit;
  • Net for easier mortar adhesion;
  • G ½’’ stop valve;
  • WC connection pipe Ø45.
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