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Three new videos

OLI recently launched three new videos that make installing mechanisms in ceramic cisterns easy as pie. The videos will guide you step-by-step as you install and maintain OLI inlet valve “Eco”, “Uni bottom” and outlet valve “Push Eco”.

“Eco” is a piston-closing, side entry inlet valve while “Uni bottom” is a piston-closing, bottom-entry inlet valve. “Push Eco” is a single-flush top push button outlet valve that can be used in any ceramic cistern with a top button diameter between 16-38 mm. For more information on our mechanisms, please visit our site:

OLI aims to provide customers with quality service as well as installation advice and training. All of our videos are easily accessible on all devices and provide a simple and practical explanation of how to install OLI products. To view more of our videos check out our YouTube channel or our website: